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About Mikka

So, I'm doing it again. Walk the 1080km (640 miles) through Spain, to the 0,0km marker in Fisterra, the End of the World.

Thank you so much for your interest. Let me explain what I'll be doing, how it'll happen, where your monies (which are, let's face it, hard earned and shouldn't just be parted with easily) go, and why I am doing this at all.

You've heard of the Way of St. James. Maybe you've walked it, watched the movie The Way with Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen, or read one of the many books. Maybe you want to walk it and need some pointers, ideas, and packing advice?

This time it'll be different. I'll be writing from the trail, every day, for the duration of my "pilgrimage" to Santiago de Compostella and beyond towards the ocean. It'll be part practical guide, part trip report, and part survey of the men and women (and a dozen dogs, one cat, a donkey, three horses, and a trained house pig named Snuff, if my last trip is any indication) I meet. It'll feature the albergues we stay in, the bars we drink our cafe con leche at, and the weird and wonderful things to happen and are part of the unique experience that is the Camino Santiago.

Walking it is amazing. Following along in text, pictures, videos, sound bites, and live broadcasts is the next best thing, and I want to make it happen.

Or, in other words, it'll be like walking the Camino, without bed bugs, blisters, heat, and sleeping 40 days in rooms like the one above. Not that any of that stinks, I highly recommend you do the real thing, but see it as a practice walk. Or, you know, just follow along to see me make mistakes and suffer the consequences. Ain't a little Schadenfreude great?

What are YOU getting?

There will be blog posts. There will be Patreon only posts, including links to my packing list, videos about the setup process, my struggling, bumbling, way of getting the tools together to write, video, photograph, etc. on the Way without having to lug too many extra kilos around, and more. If you ever wanted to do the same, come along on my journey and learn from my mistakes (and blisters).

So, are you paying for some schmuck's vacation in Spain? ¡No!

My trip is paid for. I've set aside enough money to make it comfortably (as comfortable as sleeping in cramped albergues and walking in 40°C (104°F) is) to the End of the World. But I want to pack, what I realized was most needed and asked for by fellow pilgrims along the way last time: medicines, patches, things that fix blistered feet, a case of the bed bugs, bad sunburn, torn body parts, and more.

This patreon tries to offset some of that cost, maybe even allow for a rainy day fund to help pilgrims with lost or stolen items. We, together, get to patch some feet and replace someone's lost walking sticks, and you get the story of one guy bumbling down the Camino in search of something that, hopefully, he'll know what it is before he arrives in Fisterra.

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  • Updates on Patreon that won't be on the Web until I am back home, including raw footage.
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  • A postcard from the Way.
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  • Updates on Patreon that won't be on the Web until I am back home, including raw footage.
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When we reach 100 patrons, I'll do a 90 minute Camino live broadcast Q&A on every topic you can imagine or dare to ask. I'll get a few more experienced/seasoned pilgrims into the Q&A as well. If there's interest we'll do a monthly Hangout on Air open to all patrons where you can meet, discuss, and arrange your own Caminos.
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