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At the bronze level you will get an MP3 of any song that I release going forward.

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At the silver level you will get an MP3 of any song that I release going forward two to four weeks before it is released and access to online concerts I will be giving twice a year. 

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At the gold level you will receive everything from the bronze and silver level plus every time I release an album/collection of songs you will receive a free digital copy and a signed hard copy.  




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Welcome to my (Miles Morgan's) Patreon page! I am singer and songwriter that lives in Iowa. Most recently I have been recording cover songs and playing small gigs in my community. My passion however is singing and writing. One day I would like to write, record, and perform full time. This is where you come in! I am hoping to form a true relationship with you, that whenever I create something, you are invested. Obviously the first way you can be invested is simply by buying or streaming my music or coming to see me live. It truly does mean the world to me if you enjoy my music in some capacity. The second way you can be invested is to follow me on one or all of my social media platforms (currently Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram). If you use YouTube and want to subscribe to my channel that would also be swell. Just search for "Miles Morgan Music" on any of these platforms. The third way you can be invested is by supporting me monthly through Patreon. Hopefully, since you are reading this, you are actually considering doing that. If you are, please check out the different tiers of support. I really do want to give you something that you will enjoy. My hope is that as my support grows I will be able to give more content at every level and that we will be truly form a friendship through art. I will be setting some goals on my page in the near future. Thank you for reading and thank you for considering supporting me on my creative journey!
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