is creating colorful and fashionable furry art
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By pledging at this tier, you get access to PSDs, WIPS, and Sketches of my work that may/will not be posted anywhere else!

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And, access to the tutorials voted on by Tier #2 !

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About Misha


Hi there! I’m Misha / Milgromdulux! I’m a Humanities student from NYS. Nice to meet you!
I draw furries (and a bit of fanart) as a way to make money during school for clothing, food, and a method of general disposable income.

Before pledging, please understand I am a full time student and a part time artist.
Commissions, Digital Art, and ultimately Patreon are not my full time job or concern.

I take pride in my use of bright, jewel toned colors and depictions of haute couture and detailed outfits in my personal and commissioned work.
I will be continuing my pursuits in visual arts this year as well, and figured Patreon would be a good choice to get paid for what I do!

By supporting me on Patreon, you get access to my tools of the trade, PSDS, Sketches, and possible tutorials to what I do that won't be available anywhere else.
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Consider buying me a Ko-Fi !

Thank you all very much for your consideration and appreciation for what I do, It means so much to me!


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