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My name is Milo McCabe, I'm a character comedian from the UK. At the moment I am performing as 'Troy Hawke' a typical MGM film star Errol Flynn type who happens to find himself in the modern day. 

I have been filming some hidden camera shorts as this character (an example of which is below) and they are turning out to be very popular on facebook. The video below got nearly 35,000 views in a few days and though that is significantly less than an interesting pet or a well timed fall, for a comedy video sent out from a fan page with very few members (at the time) it performed very well. 

The important thing to note is that though they are hidden camera escapades, there are no victims and nobody is ever made to look foolish (other than Troy). Absolutely no punching down. 

The character is so naive and outlandish that often the comedy just grows out of folks natural reaction to him.

It is costing me to produce these videos at the moment, roughly $400 per shoot and I would like to get to the point where they are not. I would like to expand the scope of what i am doing and build up to potentially covering bigger issues and events, the subjects of which I would be open to suggestion to. 

There are three Troy Hawke videos on the Facebook page ( that have focused on the 'High Street'. For the next three, I am focusing on sporting events/pastimes then moving onto politics. Ultimately I'd like the character to develop into a more overtly comic, sincerely naive Louis Theroux type.

What I know of this site is that it empowers the participants to produce work they retain full creative control over while still getting paid....which can't really be argued with!

Hence my joining. 

Many thanks...Milo x
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This will enable me to pay a cameraman and editor to get one project filmed and cut, without me taking any earning from it. This means I am no longer paying to put the videos out there.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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