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You get access to the Free Comic, as it is being created, both in black and white - possibly months before it goes free on www.MiloComics.com - AND in COLOR! Remember, people who don't pay only get to see the black and whites. You also get access to Exclusive Print-Only or Patreon-Only Comics! PLUS, with this subscription, you also get access to behind-the-scenes bonuses such as creator blogs, scripts, sketches and pencil work, as well as desktop wall papers, pin-ups, poster art, and other goodies we can think up and have time to produce! But only the comics cost you a dollar! All of the other material is FREE - but ONLY to Patrons!




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Hello, and welcome to cartoonist Will Boyer’s Patreon account!

(Please note that the SuperMilo Patreon here is on Hiatus as Will Boyer is currently giving his time and attention to Gospelman Ministries on a more regular basis. You can still pledge here, but nothing will be taken out of your account until Will Boyer returns to SuperMilo and sets this Patreon back to a Monthly pledge. It is only on a Per Work pledge so that it does not take any Patreon's money during this hiatus)

Will Boyer is asking for donations per comic strip or page so that he may continue to provide webcomics to his readers. Readers who become donors will be rewarded with exclusive comics right here on Patreon that are otherwise only available in one of his printed trades, as well as all sorts of other extra exclusive digital content!

Will Boyer is a creator of both comic strips, comic books and graphic novels, most notably the webcomic strips “SuperMilo” and both “Gospelman” and “Gospelman Adventures.” He is also the character concept artist and penciler/inker on Empire Comic Lab’s "Hip Hop."


SUPERMILO - SuperMilo is the mostly FREE TO READ on-going webcomic starring a mischevious, lazy but well intentioned feline superhero, SuperMilo. Will Boyer has been writing and drawing the webcomic version of SuperMilo since 2009. There are SuperMilo issues and trade paperback books out for sale, which can be purchased online at the Milo Comics webstore at IndyPlanet.com. The colored version of the webcomic from chapter 6 onward, as well as extra exclusive comics, are not offered for free and can be read in the trade paperback prints or here on Patreon, in COLOR, for donating as little as $1 per comic strip or page. People who donate also get access to the behind-the-scenes creative process - the notes, scripts, sketch book materials, pencils, and inks, when available, and more!

GOSPELMAN AND GOSPELMAN ADVENTURES - Gospelman is a FREE TO READ Christian comic strip and comic book series starring a campy superhero who's never-ending mission is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. All ages Christian fun! If you are more interested in seeing Gospelman, please donate to the Gospelman Ministries Patreon page.

HIP HOP - The new webcomic from Empire Comics Lab! Written by Dan Johnson, designed and penciled by Will Boyer, inked by Claudette Eaton and Will Boyer, and colored by Kevin Scott Halter! Read for free @ www.EmpireComicsLab.com !


Ever since Will Boyer was 9 years old, he’s dreamed of becoming a comic strip and book artist. Even before then, at an unknown early age, he started drawing illustrated children’s books starring his brother and he as stick figures on wacky adventures. Once introduced to the daily funny pages in the newspaper, especially Jim Davis’ Garfield, his passion was turned to comic strips and books. He, with his lifelong friends often inspiring him or even co-creating with him, would cartoon for his and their own enjoyment and amusement, starting in elementary and lasting even into his college years. Although his comics never appeared in any school newspapers, his comic strips eventually became well known among the student bodies throughout elementary, junior high, high school, and college.

In 1994, at the age of 9, Will Boyer created MILO THE CAT and MILO COMICS. Eventually, in 1999, he brought the story to a climax by turning Milo into SUPERMILO. That same year he started his first webcomic, a fan comic titled “Pokemon Elite.” Both a Sonic the Hedgehog fan webcomic, “Sonic Crackers,” and a Ghostbusters fan webcomic in 2007, “CNCGB,” would follow. In 2008, after a couple of failed attempts already, he would start preparing to bring back and reboot his old Milo Comics.

Finally, in late July and early August of 2009, during his years in the Digital Effects and Animation Technology major at Forsyth Technical Community College, Will Boyer started publishing “SuperMilo the Strip,” a reboot of his original child hood Milo Comics, originally online at www.DrunkDuck.com (now known as www.TheDuckWebcomics.com).

In 2010 Will Boyer also started publishing online “Gospelman,” a Christian comic strip he created in 2004 during his years preparing for possible ministry at Piedmont Baptist College.

However, that same year he would meet the love of his life and become too busy finding full-time, non-artistic work to devote much time to art, and so his comics suffer their first major hiatus.
That same year in 2010, he also started work illustrating a series of children’s books, titled “Andy the Pug,” by Kelly Morrison. He would unfortunately be fired after a few pages into the second book as he needed a more stable full-time line of work in order to marry his sweetheart and, being busy job hunting and later working a full-time job alongside the illustration work, couldn’t produce art as quickly as Kelly Morrison nor he would have liked.

Finally, in 2013, after finally marrying his sweetheart, Will Boyer returns to webcomics. This time around SuperMilo would run consistently EVERY Saturday from April 2013 to November 2014, at WWW.MILOCOMICS.COM. That September Will Boyer began work on Hip Hop for Charlton Neo.
After the first Hip Hop story was penciled, Will Boyer, out of new SuperMilo strips in his update buffer and exhausted to the point of severe anxieties, placed SuperMilo on hiatus and went on a well-needed Sabbatical at the urging of Tom Gray, WWW.MILOCOMICS.COM webmaster and lifelong friend.

Too stubborn to listen to reason, the burnt out Will Boyer continued working on SuperMilo and various Christian comic projects offline during his Sabbatical. He is currently preparing the first colored SuperMilo trade paperback for print, “Wobbling on the Edge,” which features a new 14 page prologue, which is already being made available here to donors.

He has also recently finished and made available for purchase the first black and white SuperMilo trade paperback version of the second colored trade, “Enter the Space Worm,” a 48-page book for sale now at cons and online at the Milo Comics IndyPlanet webstore under the MiloTeam Comics name, and which includes extra never-before-seen comic strips featuring the Space Worm and new character named K.A.T.-V. These extra strips are however being made available here on Patreon to our donors.

Sometime after that, Will Boyer is hoping to color “Enter the Space Worm” for print as the second colored SuperMilo trade paperback, which will include a back-up story titled, “Sewer Worm,” featuring the continuing adventures of our little Space Worm friend (available here to Patreon donors once it is completed!).

While waiting for Charlton Neo to call on him to pencil the next Hip Hop story, the publishing company has him on a convention circuit the summer of 2015. Having already attended Jay and Eddie’s Comic Book Show and Lexing-Con, his next convention appearances as of this posting will be on April 25th at Winston-Salem Comic Convention in W-S, NC and on June 19th – 21st at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC.

In 2016, Cartoonist Will Boyer launched himself back into the web-community and started hunting for a Graphic Design job at local studios. Having completed his convention circuit in 2015, his next upcoming convention is Lexing-Con yet again in Lexington, NC on April 9th. He is still awaiting possible work from Charlton Neo and a new-to-him publisher, Empire Comics Lab.


HOWEVER, Will Boyer so far offers his webcomics for free and he is not yet being paid for his conceptual artwork and pencils on Hip Hop for the Charlton Neo publishing company. This, unfortunately, puts a severe financial strain on him and his wife, pushing Will Boyer to work a part-time (32.5 hours a week, with benefits), non-art job – the same job he has been working since he married his wife – with the ever-increasing need to step-up to a 40+ hour a week job to boost their income and thereby stop living paycheck to paycheck. This unfortunately in turn disables him from producing comics, for free or otherwise, on a regular basis – and possibly, one day, at all!

This is where you, the reader and hopeful donor come in. If you partner with us by pledging at least a $1 for every comic that Will Boyer posts (you can set a maximum payment!), you’ll be ensuring that Will Boyer continues to live his dream by producing comic strips and books. If you enjoy his free comics – such as SuperMilo or Gospelman – then please consider helping to support Will Boyer to continue offering them to you.

Your support, of course, will not go unrewarded. Not only will you and other readers continue to be entertained by Will Boyer’s free webcomics, such as SuperMilo and Gospelman, but you’ll also eventually receive even more free comics at these websites and at an even faster release schedule! By financially freeing up Will Boyer to create more often, you’ll be able to read and enjoy his creations far more often as well. Not only that, but Patreon donors will be given EXCLUSIVE COMICS, ART, WALL PAPERS, BEHIND THE SCENES CONTENT, SKETCHBOOK MATERIAL, AND OTHER EXCLUSIVES NOT OFFERED FOR FREE ANYWHERE ELSE ONLINE! As a matter of fact, if you donate right now, you’ll start receiving FREE comic pages NOT offered online anywhere else!

To start off, we’re offering donors the BRAND NEW 14 PAGE PROLOGUE of SuperMilo, otherwise only offered in our upcoming printed trade paperback, “SuperMilo the Strip Book 1: Wobbling on the Edge!” You’ll get the story in black and white at first, but then in 100% color as Will Boyer finishes coloring each page!

After that, donors will receive EXTRA PAGES of the “Enter the Space Worm!” story, featuring MORE APPEARANCES OF WORMY, as well as the introduction of THE NEVER BEFORE SEEN MAIN CAST CHARACTER, K.A.T.-V., SuperMilo’s sentient superhero car!

After that, we’ll eventually release here THE ALL NEW BACK UP STORY “SEWER WORM,” featuring our little friend the Space Worm! Until then, you’ll receive ALL SORTS OF EXCLUSIVE EXTRA CONTENT, such as WALL PAPERS and NEVER BEFORE SEEN SKETCHBOOK MATERIAL and CONCEPT ART! Not only will this be taken from the SuperMilo series, but you might even see sketchbook material and concept art from GOSPELMAN and Charlton Neo’s HIP HOP!

Of course, donating isn’t the only way you can help support Will Boyer. By buying his printed books – some containing content not available online – either at his Milo Comics web-store at www.IndyPlanet.com (search for SuperMilo), at a local comic shop selling his work, from donating on Patreon to receive a signed copy with a sketch included, or from Will Boyer in person at a comic book convention he is appearing at, you are helping the cartoonist continue doing what he loves. And don’t forget that Will Boyer is penciling the Pix-C webcomic Hip Hop with Charlton Neo! By subscribing to Pix-C for only a $1 a month or by donating to Charlton Neo’s own Patreon account, you’re not only supporting Will Boyer but a host of other comic creators – professionals and newcomers alike, such as Roger McKenzie, Paul Kupperberg, Sandy Carruthers, Bradley Mason Hamlin, Chuck Dixon, Eduardo Barreto, Rick Burchett, Mort Todd, Dan Johnson, Rodney Bennett, Gary Kwapisz, Pat and Tim Kennedy, John Byrne, Javier Hernandez, Barbara Kaalberg, Batton Lash, Larry Wilson, Joe Staton, Andrew and Michael Mitchell, Lou Mougin, Rick Stasi, Steve Thompson, Jason Caskey, Neil Vokes, Mark Arnold, Dave Noe, “Fester Faceplant,” and MORE! And don’t forget, subscribing to Pix-C is the only way to read Hip Hop, written by Dan Johnson (“Dennis the Menace”; “Herc and Thor”; Campfire’s “The Jungle Book” Graphic Novel, the “Robinson Crusoe” Graphic Novel, “Sinbad: The Legacy,” and the “Oliver Twist” Graphic Novel; and more!), penciled by Will Boyer (“SuperMilo”; “Gospelman”; “Hip Hop”), and inked by a team of Claudette Eaton and Will Boyer! Colored by Kevin S. Halter!

If you look to your left, you’ll see our goals and the rewards to you, the reader and donor, once we reach those goals. Remember, by donating you are replacing the need to make Will Boyer’s webcomic strips and books, like SuperMilo, paid subscription webcomics, such as Pix-C’s Hip Hop. This means your donations will first of all reward EVERYONE by allowing the cartoonist to be able to keep offering his self-published webcomics for free online to EVERYONE and not just to paid subscribers! Once the comic strips cycle through Patreon, they will be posted for free at MiloComics.com, the main website, in black and white. Only Patreon donors and book owners will be able to read the colored version!

Second of all, your donations will reward you with not only continued free webcomics to enjoy each week, but also with special, exclusive content, as well as, if donations increase to allow Will Boyer to do webcomics full-time, EVEN MORE WEBCOMIC UPDATES PER WEEK IN FULL COLOR – as well as possible MINI-SERIES, the SUPERMILO MAIN SERIES (telling the full origin story only previously alluded to in the webcomic strip), and other possible comic series and specials!

We’re very excited about the future! So, THANK YOU for your support! As they say in this biz, “SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAGES!”
$1 of $100 per Comic strip / page
Once we meet $100+ dollars a strip, the SuperMilo webcomic will update with a NEW comic strip up to 7 times but no-less than 4 times a week, similar to comic strips in a regular newspaper, instead of sporadically and inconsistently (whenever the cartoonist can get to it), like it is right now. Patreon donors will be able to read a NEW colored SuperMilo comic almost on a DAILY basis, while the black and white comic will still be available for free to non-supporters on the same update schedule. If available, more extra goodies for donors on Patreon will be uploaded and more often.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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