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Thanks for waking me up! Magic beans make me move fast!

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Ah yes food.. the building blocks of life. We're going to:
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You high five us on the street. You're great company.

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Wow! You rock! Ryan and the Crew say thanks! And we will:
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► Show you the newest episodes prior to release!
► Give you an idea what's coming up. We can talk about what directions you think the channel should go. You're MG family. :)




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About Mils Garage

Thank you for visiting our MG Patreon page! We make automotive DIY videos meant to teach how to avoid stealerships and save money, working on cars. We also answer and provide help for all comments on the channel, including car diagnosis, troubleshooting and modification guidance.

Our goal is to continue creating fun instructional videos, helping people and teaching them all about cars. With your help, we can guarantee that this goal will remain feasible, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

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