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About Mimirello

Hi! I'm the owner behind mimirello.com, a lifestyle blog slash e-commerce store in Southeast Asia. With over 40k followers on Instagram (@marionstjoan), I also occasionally do some 'influencer' work like creating Youtube videos and Instagram posts for local brands. 

Here I will post up weekly behind-the-scenes vlogs or posts about my life as a self-employed entrepreneur and content creator. You will be able to see snippets of my day to day work life and see how I run a small e-commerce store (that I made myself btw) with the occasional pop-up booths. On top of that, you will also see behind-the-scenes snippets of content I do for social media such as researching, planning, shooting, editing and more.

I will talk about topics like my challenges, finances, goal-setting, motivation and anything related to learning on how to be a successful self-employed person. There is still so much to do and it's still a long way to go! Woo! By contributing to this Patreon, you will help me to produce better videos and content more frequently. I don't want to stop what I'm doing, not even for a day.

Thank you for reading this :)


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When I reach 50 patrons, I'll film a Q&A and the questions will be coming from you guys :)
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