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About Mestre Mindinho

I have done more than 1,000 classes or workshops. I love provide people with the knowledge they need to grow and develop the art of Capoeira. I love working with the audience to make this Capoeira channel better. If you want that kind of Capoeira channel too please consider pitching in. If everybody in the audience $1 a month, the show is solid. We will start posting 1 video per month, as we grow our community I will post more and more... and the channel can really grow and get better. Plus the people who can't even afford the nickel don't have to feel bad.

This is only one way to help. Sending in reports, telling others about the channel, just listening and emailing are other ways if you can't afford a nickel. But if you can, I hope you'll consider backing me here. Thanks for helping us make a capoeira grow.
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We will start a 1 hour of Q&A every month.
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