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Since a very young age, I have been fascinated with the idea internet content. For the past few years, I have been creating tech reviews, tutorials, and vlogs for the joy of it, even though I don't get a lot of views. Yet, it always makes me happy to know that ~100 people have followed me, and I have helped hundreds on different YouTube tutorials and showcases.

I am 15 years old and currently am a Sophomore in high school.  I value classwork above any other priority and take school-related obligations very seriously - I am #1 in my class right now.  In the future, I hope to study Computer Science at a prestigeous university and program for a living.  On the side, I want to fuel my passion for video with some freelance filmmaking.

I hope Pateron will allow me to target a smaller, but wider, audience.  Platforms like YouTube and Twitch are overly saturated with similar content, but this allows me to directly target a smaller niche audience.  I hope you guy enjoy the work I do!  
I currently do not plan to make any paid subscriptions on this page unless you guys want it.  I will post everything listed as a public post - don't worry about missing out! 
  1. I will post each video with some bonus information, like the teaser image I release for social media and the size of the project... kinda like an Immersion Box Set for an album.
  2. I will upload funny out-takes/bloopers, per request.
  3. I will always be open to suggestions!
Thank you for showing interest in the work I do.  My dream is to have a "large-enough" audience so that my hard work can be appreciated by many.
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I will commit to 1 video and 2 livestreams per week.  Also, I will pop on Discord voice chat with each person individually on a monthly (or per-request) basis.
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