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All above rewards, and: If you're wanting to pledge 20 dollar, woow, you're awesome! Formerly I wanted to become a teacher. How about teaching you one hour about any Java topic you'd like (from the beginners level to that of mine (which isn't that advanced))? Or I could explain how certain parts of my mods work? But as a donator of 20 dollar, you may suggest an other reward as well.




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Hey, I'm MineMaarten!

I'm a 21-year-old Minecraft mod developer. For over three years now, I'm spending most of my free time on modding this awesome game. The past years I've created the following mods:

-PneumaticCraft, a technical mod (like IndustrialCraft 2, BuildCraft, and Redpower 2) which is all about pressurized air.
-MineChess, which brings chess to Minecraft in a Harry Potter kind of way. The pieces are living. This mod also comes along with world generated chess puzzles which reward or punish you when you solve or screw up a puzzle.
-Minesweeper Mod, brings the oldschool windows game Minesweeper to Minecraft. Besides that you can create your own minefields, it’s also possible to find them in the world. Both will give you rewards when you solve them.
-Sokoban Mod, brings the game Sokoban into Minecraft. Many people know this game, but maybe not known as Sokoban. It’s a puzzle type game and the goal of the player is to push boxes around until they are at their goals.
-In-Game Wiki Mod, gives in-game info about stuff in Minecraft. Aimed to be a way for other modders to easily add in-game info about their mods in the game.

Of these mods, In-Game Wiki Mod, MineChess, Minesweeper Mod and the Sokoban Mod are phased out, they basically only will be ported to the next Minecraft version. PneumaticCraft is the mod I love to add features for. You can expect this mod to be expanded :D!

And with a little help of patrons this would make this whole experience much more awesome then it already is. Especially with painful stages in modding (porting to the new Minecraft version) a bit of financial support keeps me motivated!

Join me on:
IRC: #PneumaticCraft on Espernet
Website: www.minemaarten.com
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When this goal is reached, I'll remove any adfly link to the current and future downloads of my mods.
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