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This is a replacement for the channel sponsor thing on Youtube! Due to monitization being changed this is where it will happen until then.


- Sponsor Role in my Discord! ( https://discord.gg/WXBks2P )

- Access to Special Channels and Voice chats in my Discord!

- Play & Call with me whenever you want! (Within Reason and stuff)

- Early Access to videos (24-12 hours before release)

- Special Thanks at the end of each video!

- *If* I ever do make a server again, you will get a special rank (with some perks :3)

- Occasional 'Sponsor' Only Streams! (I guess, idk its more streams)

- Extra Videos! (I make more videos for only sponsors)

- Donation Perks from $1 - $5 on stream!

- Help with some videos (If you want)

- Further Support the Channel & The content made on it!




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About Miner Diamond8

Why Patreon?

Im using this to recreate the Channel 'Memberships/Sponsors' on Youtube. Due to the Monitization Changes I am not able to use them. This allows me to have something like that and provide perks like the ones you would receive on the Youtube one!
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My goal is to reach 3 'Sponsors', I will try to make a video with all 3 of them in Bedwars 4v4!
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