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About Minimal Multisport

There is no shortage of voices out there saying that consumption is the path to happiness - and specific to the sporting world, that it will lead to crushing your competitors. However, for most of us with jobs, families, and busy lives, it can become a huge distraction and time suck that takes away from doing our sport, trying a new one, or spending that time doing something more meaningful. Tyler Durden said it best: The things you own end up owning you.  

To sum it up, we're creating content that explores these ideas.  To learn to play again, have fun, and avoid adding more work to what should be a fun hobby.  Don't we all work enough?  A good portion of our content focuses on endurance sports such as triathlon, but the true goal of the show is to hit anything that qualifies as multisport - adventure racing, crossfit, mixed martial arts, or simply trying to balance doing two completely unrelated sports.  

What do your contributions pay for?  While podcasting appears to be simple on the surface, there are some very real costs such as expensive audio equipment, software, website and podcast hosting fees, music licensing fees, and any/all help hired out to make the magic happen.  We're a VERY small outfit, and every little contribution helps us to make more content for you!

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