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A one price tier to help me achieve more goals! I want the youtube channel to grow to more content that is live action, so your support is going DIRECTLY there.

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About Beyond Requirements

Who am I?

Oh you know, just a normal dude, doing normal things like playing video games with my friends, hanging out in my backyard in my socks and sandals, and practicing gymnastics in my best cycling shorts, just like you. 

What do I do?

I make content online for your viewing pleasure. Traditionally I make stupid jokes with my friends while we play video games, but now I am gonna step it up and move towards the scariest thing in the world REAL LIFE. But Still video games too.

Why should you be here?

Besides helping me reach my goal of never working a day in my life and making awesome web content, video series, podcasts, and twitch streams? I mean, I thought all of those things would be enough, but I can give you more. Say this in your head like an infomercial for full effect:

Behind the scenes content!
- Exclusive Patreon Content!
- Get all content before it releases!
- Be in the know about new projects and series with exclusive discord access!

So join the fun! Become a Patron for more access to all the things we do, and some special ONLY FOR YOU stuff! Discord, high resolution photos, production journals, the works! Join in the fun!

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Monthly videos, photos, and posts from the adventures. This will help fun all of the trips more often!
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