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Infinite Time Dilation Theory: Have you ever had a dream that lasts days in your head but when you wake up only a few minutes have passed? This happens because within our brain time is relative and depending on the acceleration of brain metabolism and activity we can experience a very long dream in a very short time. In this case what is real? Whatever the answer to that, the fact remains that in oniric states and REM sleep time can become faster or slower. It is in these states that just like we experience such intense dreams or nightmares ancient people experienced moments of extasy and vision.  In some cases where the person's conscience is exalted time dilation may happen with pleasant dreams. This leads to the hypothesis that in moments of sleep and at the moment of death an infinite time dilation process occurs in the brain where many years can be experienced in the last seconds of life explaining the ancient belief of life after death. Of course this last concept has indeed many other explanations but if the brain is capable of dilating time then what prevents it from dilating it infinitely? To experience a dream of a thousand years in one second ore one minute? It is theoretically possible. Any comments on this are welcome or any experiences with time dilation in dreams or other forms of conscious alteration in this respect. 

The Ministry of Human Evolution has the purpose of finding the next steps into the evolution of human conscience taking into account the latest advances in science. Each post in the Blog refers to a point which can be developed further. 

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