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Hi! I'm Marcus, 
Welcome to my Ministry of Change Patreon page
In the past I would have described myself as a storyteller, writer and podcaster, but that isn’t who I am. Those are a few of the roles that I like to take on. Who am I really?

A farmer’s son from Milton Keynes? A man who lives in a van? A lost soul in search of meaning?

I’ve definitely been all of those things. I’m someone who has spent many years trying to get my head around what this mad, bizarre, beautiful world is all about. I’m someone with a thirst to get to know myself and a desire to drink cups of tea with as many people as I can. I’m someone who likes to sit in fields. I’m someone who laughs and cries. I’m someone with a desire to get out into the world to really see how people, in all their wonderful diversity, makes sense of this thing we call life.

I’m also a person who has struggled. In the summer of 2017 I decided to set out on a journey to better understand my own experiences with depression and anxiety. Since then I have been traveling around the country in my little red camper van collecting and sharing stories about how we deal with change and navigate the difficult bits that life throws our way, building my repertoire of stories and experiences along the way.

Creating Spaces to Talk About Mental Health
Creating spaces for us to share stories of how we experience the world is very important. While we all experience life in a very unique way, in sharing stories we can start to understand that there is no 'normal', there are no 'shoulds' and that we can give ourselves the permission to be who we are. Ministry of Change is one of those spaces. 

My main focus with Ministry of Change is storytelling. Stories are the whispers of our ancestors, passing on the wisdom of human experience. If we tell and listen to stories deeply we are able to access this wisdom that lays beyond words, often as deeper knowings inside of ourselves. I have an ever growing body of stories to tell, and have created a 30 minute storytelling performance that weaves a biographical story touching of suicide with a Brother's Grimm tale. I'm always open to invitations to tell stories in your community and to run workshops around storytelling and change. 

Whenever I meet people that I think have a story to tell the world I like to invite them to share it on the Ministry of Change podcast. Some of these are from important thought leaders around change and transformation, some from people who have created inspiring projects, and many from people who have navigated or are navigating difficult experiences. The power of sharing and listening to these stories is an important part of healing ourselves, our communities and tackling the global challenges that together we face. 

Why Patreon? 
I had a bit of funding to help me get the project off the ground, but now I am relying on my own (not so far reaching) savings. I've stripped back my outgoings as far as possible, but platforms such as Patreon allow me to continue to do the work I'm doing.

With the help from people like you I will be able to continue to reach out to people and collect stories around mental health, change and transformation to open up discussion and work towards making real change in the world and hopefully saving lives. 

What would your support mean?

  • Enable me to spend time making regular podcasts to capture and share the stories I collect
  • Allow me to focus on discovering the best people and places to talk to
  • Fill up the Ministry of Change HQ (a.k.a the van) fuel tank to get me from A to B  
  • Cover the hosting for podcast/website hosting etc
  • Continue to explore new ways of opening up the conversation around mental health and navigating life

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I'm very happy to be sharing this journey with you. 

Lots of love, 


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