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My sincere gratitude! By contributing just one dollar, you will be helping this channel to grow and realize it's potential. All Time Lords will receive free stuff like stickers and potentially other knick-knacks from time to time.  Mahalo!
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Time Lords at this level will be granted access to the Time Lord Patreon Group. In there, you'll  get early access to the content that you've helped to fund as well as some outtakes and other insider information which would be free.  I will also prioritize responding to comments from Time Lords within the Time Lord Patreon group!

You will have a say on what watches you'd like me to review, what things you'd like to see me do or where you'd like to see the adventure take me.  Your input is valuable!

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Advanced Time Lords  will receive the same perks as Time Lord +'s but will also be eligable for giveaways that I will only do here. 

I'm not sure what the giveaways will be yet but I definitely going to make it worthwhile. 

I will also let you folks know if I am going to sell a watch/mod here and will do so at the "bro-deal" level before putting them up on ebay.  




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About Minitwatch

*This is a super soft launch. I will be making a video to accompany this soon :)

Hey folks! Thank you for checking out this Patreon Campaign for the Minitwatch channel! Content on the minitwatch channel will always be free but the reason that I have created this campaign is to continue provide the best possible content that I can while innovating and taking things to new heights. By contributing, you will be directly affecting the future of this channel, it's content and more importantly, my life. Yes, you will be affecting my life in a big, positive way! Minitwatch is one of the things that brings me joy. Creating content for you and making you laugh while bringing relevant information is such a meaningful thing in my life right now and I humbly request your help for me to take things to the next level!

Do you want to support the minitwatch super happy funtime watch review channel with sometimes adventures? Here's what you should know!

Firstly, I am going to call patrons Time Lords. I think it's cool and I will address you kind folk as such in videos. Time Lords will not support minitwatch on a monthly basis but instead, by a per-video endeavor. I will make one to three videos per month with the Time Lords in mind. Time Lords will see these videos first but they will eventually be released to the general public to keep things free for all.

The kinds of videos I do will start off small but eventually turn into amazing journeys! I'll need funding for the things that I really want to do so to begin with, we will perhaps do votes on what watch you'd like to see me review. We'll have to keep the budget lower at first but as this (hopefully) grows, we can incorporate higher-priced, coveted items. I will never stop doing affordable watch reviews, though. That's why I started this channel but that does not mean I will not do high end ones as well! I will also do mods that you might want to see me do. I will do these videos with the best possible filming and editing that I can.

Once we've reached a certain level, I am going to go on more watch-centric adventures. My Big Monster Adventure was a study in execution and result. It was to showcase what I can do with my skill set but I do realize that for for future videos (movies) like those, I'll need to put more focus on timepieces and less adventuring (but not too much less :p). I will try to balance it all out.  Here is an example of what I can do. This is an hour long movie so fair warning. I don't want to make something this long ever again! lol.  I will do perhaps twenty minit adventures to acquire watches!

I want you to feel like you are with me when I travel to investigate a watch shop or a watch company or people while doing so with the most cinematic presence possible. I will also be doing a lot these journeys on the road/trail via motorcycles because why not? It's also one of my passions. Get ready to follow me through rivers, mountains, deserts and forests to get to the city or town where I am going to pick up first high end watch. I am determined to make high-quality films for you and not just every-day watch reviews like what I normally do. I want to make you feel things, I want you to see wonderful places and amazing scenery, witness the ups and downs of adventuring, crack you up with Uncle Jimmy and Ted and maybe, just maybe, inspire you. You've definitely inspired me.

Time Lords can start helping with just $1 per film and I will not take advantage of this. Again, I will only do one to three of these per month and you will be in full control as you can limit your funding per month. Please, if you are living paycheck to paycheck like I am, save your money for your family, girlfriend/boyfriend/attack helicopter, or for your next watch instead but I do thank you tremendously for the thought!

Thank you for your consideration in helping the minitwatch channel, myself, and the puppets with our futures. We appreciate you more than you can possibly imagine.

$36 of $500 per Cinematic Watch Video or Watch Adventure
I don't want to set this too high. I can basically live off of 3,000 a month in Hawai'i where I live so making three videos per month can help me survive. If this goes higher, even better. If we can get this to around 1,800 per creation, my peanut will explode with tremendous gratitude. But let's start off a bit smaller at 500. 

With that amount, I can totally focus on making the best possible content while not having to worry about things like rent, bills and food. I would be able to create the content that both you and I want to see. I am going all in with this channel. Once my job expires, I want minitwatch to be my main source of income as creating content for you, watches, entertaining and going on adventures are what I love. 

I don't expect to reach this goal overnight but if we can get there, the potential is great! Let's do this and thank you!
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