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About Miracle Forest

Hi! Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!

You may know me from Youtube as The Miracle Forest.

My name is Melinda, I live in Hungary, Budapest, and I've been creating relaxing videos on Youtube since 2013. I started when I was in a very bad place in my life. I was struggling with severe anxiety, and relaxing videos and meditations were one of the few things that I felt could help me deal with the illness. I created relaxing sound videos that calmed me and wrote guided meditations incorporating the techniques which eased the worries in my own mind. I knew how many others suffered from anxiety, just like I did, and I wanted to share what helped me, in the hopes that it could help someone else out there too. "Even if my videos help one person, making them is worth it," was my philosophy.

I'm at a much better place now mentally, and the content I produce has changed. With the guided meditations, I feel like I've shared all I could. Now, I make solely ambience videos that challenge my editing skills, venturing more into ASMR territory to make the sounds accompanying the visuals I make as relaxing as possible.

Throughout the years my channel grew, and I was able to make a living on Youtube. For the first time in my life, I was financially stable, and I could buy anything in the grocery store, I didn't have to eat only beans anymore:) This lasted a couple of years, which I am very grateful for. But in June 2018, Youtube kicked me out of the Partner Program, completely demonetizing my channel, kicking me back to the bean isle in the grocery store (good thing beans are my favorite food, huh!). A lot of ambience channels were hit by this, and we don't know why, since we didn't break any rules, our channels were completely clean.

I deleted more than 200 videos from my years of work, and reapplied after the 30 day ban to rejoin the Partner Program, but I haven't heard back since. There is no guarantee I will get accepted back, since Youtube won't disclose what exactly their problem is. I haven't violated any rules, so there's nothing I can correct.

I love creating these videos, and I would love to continue. But Youtube has become incredibly unstable, and even if they accept my channel back, there is no guarantee they won't kick me out again for unknown reasons a week later. Thus I'm creating this Patreon account for anyone who wishes to support my work.

EDIT: After two and a half months, on 2018.08.28. YouTube reviewed my channel and accepted it back into the Partner Program, therefor enabling monetization again! I'm hoping it will stay this way, and they won't kick me out once more (which I heard did happen to some). Thank you for all the encouragement and the support<3 Future goals can now include upgrading my mic, so I can record higher quality sounds!

EDIT 2: It is 2019.02.06. and the YouTube bot has kicked the channel out of the Partner Program, demonetizing all my videos once again. I'm not sure what will happen, but, sadly, this proves my point about YouTube being insanely unstable. Thank you all for being here, supporting the channel. I will keep you updated.

EDIT 3: On 2019.05.20. YouTube accepted me back into the Partner Program after I made a behind the scenes video explaining how I make my videos. I understand that it was not clear how I made my videos without actually showing my process. I'm glad all is sorted now! Honestly, these months gave me some good as well. I did some freelance work and proved to myself that my work is good enough to sustain me without Youtube. From thinking that my work was not worth anything because Youtube kicked me out, I went to realizing that my skills are actually worth something, and my many years of hard work was worth it. (How many more times can I say "work"? lol) Thank you so much for all of you who support me, always, with your kind words and encouragement, some of you even with your hard-earned money, it means more to me than you know. You guys always keep me going and build me up when I don't feel good enough. I will continue to work hard and improve my skills, always. Thank you for being here on the way, truly. Thank you.

Thank you for your support, even if you can't donate. ❤
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Thank you so much! You guys are there for the channel when YouTube isn't. Thank you for keeping it alive. Reaching this next goal means that even if YouTube continues to shut me out, I can still keep making videos.
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