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Week of inspiration. all week you can see how the photos are created and on the basis of the end of the week a video is created




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video notes about a miracle!
Yes yes exactly.
we a part of nature.
its beautiful part with periods of anxiety and joy.
with mood.
with light and dark stakes, and we not alone.
you have your own language.
own special growth of unique stages of knowledge of our world.
and your emotions and moods create the field of our gentle photosensitive world.
and here you can see yourself. and all the shades of a subtle sensual atmosphere in the photographs.
Unique texts that are created directly here and now. every day in my heart.
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когда я доберусь до цели. через год я издам книгу с собранием сделанных мною фотографий увядших растений и листвы. в течении года буду её верстать. 
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