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About Mirjana Zuber


Hi there! I’m glad that you found my Patreon Membership Platform - Welcome to Miragram!
#miragram is a youtube channel that is going to be realized with your support!
#miragram is not just an entertaining YouTube form, it is also informative.
A perfect mixture for a reality show: entertainment, information and the charismatic main character.
Follow my first steps on instagram.com/mirjanazuber and see the work behind my youtube channel.
Mirjana <3

Let's give you some information about myself:
My name is Mirjana Zuber and I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. Today, I am living in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany.
In 2014 I was the finalist of the Miss Switzerland pageant. That’s how I started modeling and hosting. In 2016, I took part in Belgrade Fashion Week and won the ELLE Magazine award for the “most eye-catching runway show”. 
Today, I am producing videos on Miragram. Miragram is a youtube channel to raise everyone’s awareness, to THINK BIG and to dream bigger!

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