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About Author Mireille Sillander


Hello and welcome to my Patreon-page!
Hi, I'm Mireille Sillander and you may remember me from such internet-things as... uh... that drawing on that one site that doesn't exist anymore and also that voice thing on that iPad-game that you can only get as a bootleg copy these days. I also write fun adult adventures and make coloring books.

Why-.. why? What is is this place?
This is a Patreon profile I set up just for you, yes you The Person Reading This, and for people like you. Here you can find weekly additional entertainment connected to things I write and draw that you won't find anywhere else. Things like comics, preview chapters, sneak peeks, additional material to books, illustrations, and articles. And once I can get some equipment; videos and hang outs. With me. Mostly me. I mean, I can dress up as a unicorn and we can all try and suspend our disbelief, but it's really just me again.

Cool! Why sign up though?
I mean, there's all that stuff.. above.. there. Ok, so real talk: because you like my work and want to see more of it and get the extra stuff I create. Right now this is my second job (not that I get paid for the primary one because of Reasons) and while there are such things as grants and books themselves do pay some, I'm nowhere near getting an actual income of over $2 per month from those. Grants are few and far between as are part time jobs. The myth of a suffering artist is a really bad one. Most people create better when they have a home to create in and can have regular meals, because let me tell you, poverty sucks. So as long as I'm building up to a proper income from creative sales themselves, Patreon is an important part of keeping me fed and creating.
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