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About Miriam Stork

my name is Miriam and I’m an animal rights activist and writer from Cologne, Germany.

I started activism in April 2018 and since then attended a lot of street activism events (Cube of Truth), became the Co-Organizer of Köln Animal Save (Part of The Save Movement) and DxE Köln (Part of Direct Action Everywhere). I attended at Animal Rights Marches, participated in special events like the 24 hour cube, the Cathedral of Truth, 5 day vigil in front of Europe’s biggest pig slaughterhouse, represented The Save Movement at VeggieWorld Hannover, etc.

I also started to do workshops on self-awareness, as spirituality is a big part of my life and important to keep the balance as an activist in my opinion.

Next to my activism I recently started to write a book, which will be a novel about finding spiritual depth, also addressing some of today’s issues, like animal exploitation and other forms of oppression.

My plans for 2019:
-keep attending the cubes twice a week and supporting them as good as I can
-organizing vigils more frequently with Köln Animal Save (Right now once a month)
-organizing disruptions with DxE Köln at least once a month
-looking more into open rescue and planning actions with DxE Köln
-doing more Workshops about spirituality 
-learning more about community building / strengthening the local community 
-Co-Organizing the Animal Rights March Köln
-going to the Animal Liberation Conference in Berkeley to learn from the best
-sharing more of my journey online with you (focusing on Instagram and Youtube)
-writing my book 

For me 2018 was a year of exploration. I turned vegan, I felt the urge to be active, I participated in a lot of activism and somewhere along the lines it changed me in unexpected ways. Now Animal Rights Activism is part of who I am. The moment I deeply realized the horrors of being a farmed animal on this planet, I could not do anything else than activism. I see it as my moral obligation to help others overcome speciesism and making more compassionate choices towards all living beings - not only some.

During that process of becoming so active, I kept thinking of giving up my book, simply because I had not enough time. But again and again I had to realize that being creative through writing is a really important way of expressing myself. And on top of that the Book keeps being important to me and keeps being something that I want to accomplish for sure. My hope is that it will inspire many to explore their own spirituality and help them to see through cultural conditioning (such as eating animal products) more easily and taking on responsibility for it.

To be able to do so much activism and write my book on top of that, I ask for your financial support. Small contributions are as much appreciated as big ones. I’m very grateful for everyone who feels like supporting me and my work as an activist and writer!

With love,

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