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You will never know how much I appreciate your support. If you like my work, and would like it to continue, this is a great way to help. You'll get access to the Patron-only feed with bonus audio content, especially between seasons of YarnStories, and patron-only updates via Patreon. 
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You will get all rewards from previous tiers, plus early access to Season yarn boxes, YarnStories and Miriam Felton merch (there will be pins!), and special deals on stuff. 
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There is nothing I love more than getting real mail with real stamps. If you're the same, this is the tier for you. 

You will get all rewards from previous tiers, plus a complimentary subscription to my old-school making zine, The Construction Papers which includes tutorials and materials to make all sorts of things of all craft disciplines. Also, you'll get a monthly postcard in the real mail from me. 




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About Miriam Felton

I am launching this patreon primarily to support my podcast, YarnStories. I want to help bring you the stories behind the yarns and fibers we love and to tell the tales of the people whose lives they touch before they get to your hands. In order to do this in greater detail I need your help. I want to expand beyond just audio and visit some farms, mills, etc... in person. I want to take video and photos to share the story in a different way. I want to expand the community around YarnStories and that's where y'all come in. I need financial help to make that happen, and I'm happy to give back to you for your help. Please check out the goals and rewards and see where you might be able to share this journey with me. 

YarnStories as an audio-only medium will stay free, but the expanded content plus bonus stuff between seasons will be limited to Patreon supporters. You can check out the podcast at www.yarnstoriespodcast.com, and my other work at www.miriamfelton.com.

Thanks for your continued support!
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Reaching this goal will allow me to travel to find more podcast content. It will mean that I get out of my closet and can travel to farms, ranches, or mills to talk in person with fiber people. Being there in person also means that I can take video to go with the podcast content or expand into the details that we can't get into on the podcast because of time constraints. These video extras will only be available to Patrons. 
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