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About Miranda Nunez

Hi there! I'm Mirmir, and I'm an artist + voice actress.

I also need to support myself in order to continue to deliver my content, and that's why this is here! By supporting me, you'll help me to be able to afford making prints, charms, and buttons, buy better equipment for voice acting, as well as helping me support myself in day to day life. With your help, I can continue delivering the best quality content possible for you to enjoy at a steadier rate!

While there's no reward tiers now, it's something I'm considering for the future. Until then, I thank you deeply for your support and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer! (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧
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With $100 per month, I'll have a much easier time affording to print things like acrylic charms and buttons!
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