Grant Gryczan

is creating Miroware
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This tier is completely useless. Why you would pledge to it the world may never know.

Maybe I'll make it do something.


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Get a Discord role for donating. 

This tier includes all previous "rewards".

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As a patron, you will be credited on my website for donating.

...once I get that system implemented. ;)

This tier includes all previous rewards.

Includes Discord rewards




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About Grant Gryczan

I like to make people happy.

I know how to code.

So consider funding my ability to do both! Time costs money, and programming takes time. I'd like to eventually turn this hobby into a job, so I can work to make people happy all the time. To do that, I'll need your consideration and support. The rewards aren't much, but I greatly appreciate any contribution I get.

Thank you!
$6 of $4,000 per month
I think that much can make a living?
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