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About Mirror Comics Studios

Hi! It’s nice to meet you! My name is Dominic, from Canada. I make comics, and graphic novels, and music sometimes, and sometimes I write about these things in non-fiction form.

This is my official Patreon... for my company, Mirror Comics Studios, I hope you'll check it out! I offer comics and prose and music, early, plus I hope you will take advantage of a stellar archive experience, a tiered offer starting at one dollar.

Right now I’m focusing on releasing the PopTerra Collection, a group of graphic novels that I created solo and with collaborators, between 2010 and 2015, that have been out of print since I shut down Mirror Comics and I opened up Mirror Comics Studios in 2015.

I have explored different approaches and styles and genres. I call my approach lost at sea as I incorporate elements of Manga, Bande Dessinée and Comics, and I kind of throw them in an artistic blender, just to see what would happen. But my sweet spot is likely a magical silver lining, or magic-augmented reality. There is certainly something here for everyone… maybe you would dig it!?

Check this…

In Ghost King we have a helpful wu jen, a master of spirits, and a warlord who has seen the future. In Like Never Before & Like Never Again, a book I drew in 24 hours, a young apprentice to the forest begins to speak to the animals and plants because of a magical tree and the flowers that grow at its roots. In Mission Arizona we fight the Devil and his three wives, Past, Present and Future, with nothing but a dark heart, ourselves, and a little bit of faith. Treadwell is all about magic, as we delve right into the well of stars, a magical portal to the Underworld, where we meet an old familiar face. The Bird Caller is more subtle… it’s about the magic we create with our technology, and how that could become problematic.

I’m glad you landed on this page. Start with a one dollar pledge and see what two Aurora Award nominations and two Joe Shuster Award nominations are raving about. I’ve been making comics since I was a kid, going on 30 years since my first comics publication...

And it’s been about that long since I created an epic series called SIGNAL Saga, which I’ve been working on ever since. Whenever I get discouraged I remember that it needs to be done, and I pull up my bootstraps. Every little bit of your help goes directly to help me pay for SIGNAL Saga’s creation. And it’s going to be awesome.

Thank you for your contribution to the dream.


Dominic Bercier,
principal, Mirror Comics Studios,
Ottawa, Canada, www.mirrorcomics.com.
60% complete
grateful for each and every patron. thanks for joining me on this adventure!!
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