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About Misire

this Misire page is protected with copyright, copyright infringement cases can carry a fine of up to $250,000 and up to five years in prison

A Tiny synopsis of Misire

'If people bring up Misire, they will automatically think of everything positive in this world.
And one famous yet peculiar rule that all people around the world familiar with.
"Misire is a place where everyone required in local law to bring umbrella and jacket everywhere and every time."

Misire is a city with strange wind and unpredictable weather.
But without a doubt, Misire is the safest and most beautiful city in the world.
The city has a strict restriction where you need government approval to enter even though it's only 1 second long.
All the residents in Misire also have to be evaluated thoroughly one by one with doctor and psychiatrist.
No pollution, no criminal, emerge with nature, has all the facilities, even super fast internet connection.
It is supposed to be a place where people can spend their life rotting happily without worries.'

About Misire (read: Mishi-re)

Hey, I am Misiauth (Misire Author) the creator of Misire.
Misire is my original horror/mystery story that I wrote which is a mix of true events from my personal experience and others (family & friends) with their respective permission.

Misire will not only focus on the horror, mystery, psychological & twisted aspect but also focus on its deep story. Every little detail in Misire is not made for 'decoration' as in the later on will be related to something or have a deeper meaning/sign.

All main video will be uploaded on Youtube only, and every important notices and news will be posted in Patreon. (I will often post something in Patreon because this is the only place where I will interact with you)
My plan for Misire is to give you a curse whole new experience in horror/mystery genre and everlasting trauma.

Misire is a heavy Horror story that i totally not recommend to listen or read if you:

  • Pregnant
  • Easily amused
  • On long-term control psychotropic medicines
  • Can't handle layered physiological/disturbing line
  • Have a problem with sleeping
  • Have imaginary friend or dead friend

Misire official account only 
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Share, like and subscribe in my Youtube channel also definitely make my day and mean a lot to me.

Misire doesn't have twitter, instagram, facebook or any other social media (and still not planning to make one)

business inquiries at  [email protected]
thanks, Misiauth.

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