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About ASL Blogs - Miss Lorenzo

Hi, there.  

I am a freelance writer, deaf artist, entrepreneur, and a single mother of one child based in San Diego.  

She was born from the Philippines. When her parents divorced, We moved to California, Bay Area. She grew up in Fremont, CA. She went to mainstreamed school for 8 years, until she was in her freshman year. Her family, mother, and siblings moved to San Diego, CA. she graduated from Carlsbad High School in 2013. she attended to the Palomar College in 2013, summer for a few years, at the same time I attended to the adult transition program in Vista. Her main method of communication is via American Sign Language, though she can voice for herself just fine. She prefers to not use her voice, but it helps as long she can write and read. She always needs an interpreter for everything. Seems some people just can’t comprehend that a person can be tone deaf and still speak clearly. So, although you can’t really tell the difference between her speech and a hearing person’s speech, she still tends to resort to writing with hearing people while in public. It should be mentioned that she cannot lipread to save her life…even people she’s known all of her life.
There is a lot of resources and useful information about deaf culture and our language. 
It is very visual and easy to communicate through the window, afar from 1 mile and so much fun to have communication and It is a beautiful language. I love it. 
Advice to new ASL students 

What is ASL?

Happy two thousand nineteen, everyone!
she also makes humor clips, I maybe not blogging at this moment. Sometimes she gets awkward in wrong moments. I am 23 years old, a single mom and to reach my goals to accomplish.  

First clip: Food COMA in ASL comedy
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