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Hello Viewers, Thank you for visiting!

I'm Missflynn (otherwise known as Aaralynn) and I stream Monday through Friday (and sometimes weekends) at Twitch.tv/miss_flynn. The dream of course is to become a full time partnered Twitch streamer- but I can't do that without YOU! To keep the Flynnanigans rolling, you can support my dream by becoming a patron and making a monthly pledge-- Seriously, every dollar helps keep my lights on and food in my belly! This isn't all about the money though. If you can't help to financially support the channel, just come hang out with us! Your time is just as precious as your money and I appreciate you<3

♥ Twitch ♥ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♥ Discord ♥ Instagram ♥ Youtube

Stretch Goal Rewards!

- Thank You cards will be printed and added to the rewards!
 $250 - Monthly Giveaway: All active Patrons will be auto-entered.
 $375 - We'll bring back LIVE Episodes of 'Anyone Can Cook'.
 $500 - 'Achievement Tokens' will be manufactured and added!
 $800 - Additional Merch will be produced and added!
 $1200 - Community Website & Stream Bot will be built.

 Youtube Launch - 'Early Access' to Videos will be added to the rewards!

  • Do you stream for a living? Yes! I have currently devoted myself to streaming and survive off of your generosity! 

  • Why should I bother? It's simple- You don't have to! My content is 100% free and I hope you continue to enjoy what I do. However if you do decide to throw money at my face, you can rest assured knowing that you are helping me to continue chasing my dream... plus subscribers and patrons definitely get some pretty cool perks as a thank you! If at any time you can no longer afford to support the channel, your monthly pledge can be cancelled at any time

  • TwitchPatreon or Gamewisp? It's entirely up to you! It's all personal preference. For the most part they all have very similar rewards (though there are some differences) and they all directly support the stream on a monthly basis. I will be extremely thankful either way!

  • When do I get my rewards? After your first Patreon payment goes through. 

  • I can't commit to a monthly pledge; Can I just donate once? Of course! Every bit of support is appreciated!

  • Can I support in other ways? Yes! Even if you can't afford to throw money at my face, please come hang out with us! Your time and attention is just as precious and don't think for a second that I don't appreciate it. Every time a regular viewer shows up and says hello it definitely brightens my day. You can also help by following me on other platforms and get the word out about our amazing community! I also accept support in the form of fan art and hugs <3

Patreon Revamp:  We're currently in the process of updating and expanding the patreon! Please bare with me :D
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This level of funding will cover the fur-kid's living expenses and take one more bill off of my shoulders. Less bills means less stress and more time I can put into creating! Plus those little poop monsters will be forever grateful to have food in their bowl completely paid for by their beloved fans ♥
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