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Welcome to Miss Mindy Land!

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(*I like to send out art to my lovely patrons, so keep your eyes peeled, because one day you may just get original art, a postcard, a pin, patch or sculpt in your mailbox!)

- ACCESS: to my 'Patron Only' feed where I’ll be posting  behind the scenes stuff! Progress pics of new paintings and sculptures will be posted with love, and occasional mini videos via my 'Patreon Lens.'

-Plus a Bi-yearly discount at my figurine shop: WorldOfMissmindy.com
(Please note: Coupon code amount is the same for all tiers and will be posted in my Patreon posts when it's happening.) 
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Now you’ve got your whole foot in the pond Kidd!
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You’re in knee deep now my dear...
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About Miss Mindy

My name is Miss Mindy…
and I’m a sculptor, Toy Maker, Inker and Painter.
A mad 'elf-scientist' if you will....that loves to make things!
*here's a link to my Bio if you want to find out all the fancy-soild info about lil' 'ol me.

So What’s my GOAL here on Patreon?
Welp, to bring more of my ideas into reality, and give back while doing it!
I’ve been able to share my elfy-art brain with everyone since the early 2000’s, and I’m filled with gratitude for it. I’ve created all sorts of paintings, sculptures, cartoons, toys and books for clients big and small… peoples short and tall, but would adore some more time in my studio to breathe life into art pieces! So many new Figures and Toys that are hiding away in my sketchbooks, patiently waiting their turn… and SO thankful to my patrons here that have helped me to my first art goal.

Thar be ART SURPRISES here:
Yes indeed, I will be sending out little art surprises every month to a few lucky Patrons (entirely at random) Just to say thank you for being here.
So keep your eyes peeled.. because you may be getting an email from me to double check your address to make sure your art, print, patch, toy or sculpt will find it's way to you!

I'll also be posting stories about my art travels, thoughts, and juicy news about secret art projects I'm working on that I can't post online yet via my posts or 'Patreon Lens' ~ It kinda like a little sneeky 'mini-video' look into my studio. I can be such hermit crab-pixie-vampire, in my hobbit house… creating away from the eyes of cyber world, and this project has been a fabulously nice fire under my ass to stay open and present.

Here you'll be given the chance to 'nab' my original artwork before the rest of the world.
For many of you that have followed my work for a long time.. you know that they get snatched up pretty quick! So here, you will have access to them first, and at a special patreon 'art-lover' price. It's my way of saying thank you.. and to makes it a bit eaisier for you guys to still get my originals! (So sorry, This doesn't apply to my figurines or Disney Paintings or Sculptures at the Parks - Just Original Character Miss Mindy Art...Thanks for understanding!)

Why Patreon and what will your support do?

Honestly, I was inspired by the journeys of my fellow artists, Jasmine-Beckett Griffith and Amanda Palmer to embark on my own mission. To create the Wonderland in my brain, I needed to allot more time and resources for the larger ideas I've been tackling, and everyone supporting me here has helped get these ideas off the drawing board and into the world!

I'm thrilled a place like Patreon exists to do this, it's kinda like a monthly Kickstarter to gain support for ideas and keep 'em coming. Some artist's do it per project...some monthly, And the best part is, anyone can be a Patron... from 1 dollar to whatever you feel. There's so many great creators on this site.. and I support many of my peers here too. 

How can you help?
Why being a patron of course! 
Your awesome pledges will keep the studio light’s a burnin’, paint on the palette, clay on the table, and my head in the clouds to create more toy, paintings and ideas...

Thanks for supporting me on Patreon, Here's a little info to help you become a patron, and hopefully answer any questions you might have. General questions about billing, payments, software, what patronage is, etc. please visit the official
Patreon Help Center here

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Depending on what tier you subscribe to, anything from $1 a month and up.

Q: What does my money go toward?
A: Your money goes straight to supporting the artwork of yours truly. to achieve larger and to help offset the cost of running my art studio. For example, paint, resin, brushes, shop fees, shipping fees ( for the patreon gifts! ) and just plain ‘ol time. More time to create. To keep my buns in the studio chair. So No, I won’t run off to Vegas with it, or buy fancy pants. Your funding will also help me outside the studio… (i.e. attending more signings, meet up with fans and collectors, and participating in more art shows).

You can check out my website
MissMindy.com to see links to my upcoming events.

Q: Why are you here?
A: I always need art patrons, no matter how much a I grow. I could fill a warehouse with the art I want to make! Alas, My ideas are always way bigger than my pocketbook.. heh heh...so here- I'm being my own producer and finding the patrons to help create fairylands in parks, art installations, and all those crazy art dreams that mill around in my head.

Us Independent Artists juggle a lot of balls. When you have your own business you are always creating, always putting new content online, in shows, working with companies to get art on product, the photographer, the shipping dept. It’s a lot of hats to wear! I constantly have to remind my self to work smart, and always keep the heart IN art, even if it's commercial…. is a lot to keep in mind when you're a free spirit and a dreamer. So patronage is always a help - and fun to really connect with everyone like this.... 

Q: Art Surprises?
A: Yes indeed.... I will randomly send out fun thank you gifts each month. As my fan base grows, so will the surprises!

Q: How do the pledge discount’s work for your personal work on missmindy.com?
A: Depending on which reward, the percentage goes up!
  5$ = 5% off
10$ = 10% off
20$ = 20% off
50$ and up 25% off + plus all the other amazing-ness described in the reward section.
You’ll be sent a coupon code after you pledge, good for as long as your Patreon is paid for!
GO 2: https://www.missmindy.com/store

(*SHIPPING FYI: All art unless otherwise noted, will be shipped via USPS, unframed, and shipped flat in a rigid mailer or in a lovely little box, all hand packed by my me and my elves.)

Q: How do the pledge discounts work for the WorldOfMissMindy.com store?
A: For my figurine shop, I will post one universal discount code that's good for a limited time...a couple times a year so you all can catch a break on my Poly Stone and Vinyl figures for that month! So keep an eye on my Patreon Emails to see when those dates are.. It's all in the works now... but very new to me. Thanks in advance for your patience! 

(*SHIPPING FYI: Shipping is handled by Enesco on this site.. and there is more info on WorldOfMissMindy.com so you can see how it works. So sorry.. We aren't able to ship overseas YET!.. But just added our friends in Canada. I'll be sure to post if that changes!)
To make up for it - I'll send you a code for 40% off my MissMindy.com fine art shop. :)

If you have any other questions regarding my artwork, my Art Commission waiting list, etc… Just email me info(at)missmindy.com and I’ll get back to you asap!
54% complete
Merci to EVERYONE for your support in reaching my Art goal! I'm already half way to my next one.. which would allow me a studio helper a couple times a week! It can get pretty tricky to juggle creating and doing business stuff, and this would help keep my buns in my studio chair to create more ART. yesssss…..
THANK YOU ALL for your support past an present!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 109 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 109 exclusive posts
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