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I'm Mousie! Welcome to my page. Let's get down to it, shall we?

◇ Payment is taken when you become a patron

◇ All content is copyrighted. If you leak any content, you will be banned and removed without refund.

◇ Please do not harass people (or me) on my twitch or my twitch community. Same goes for my twitch community harassing my patrons. Let's keep this a friendly place for all.

◇ When you pledge you agree to these terms.

What You Get

◇ Monthly photo albums not released anywhere else
◇ Sneak previews before any of the public
◇ Private Discord
◇ Vote on sets
◇ And more to come!


When you pledge you get automatic access to the discord, granted you have your patreon and discord connected. This is where our votes will be happening (setting this up still). Mainly, it's just another way to connect with my patrons.


◇ Backlog Tier ◇ Gifs ◇ Working with Photographers    ◇ BTS ◇ and more!


When do sets get released?

I aim for the first week and a half of the month. I currently do everything on my own, so it takes time. I appreciate the patience and will always keep you in the loop.

Will I get access to the past sets?

No. Currently each set is exclusive to it's month unless otherwise stated. I hope to have a backlog tier in the future.

Will you be nude?

No. Sorry to disappoint, but that's a line I'm not comfortable crossing. Unless you happen to be a French painter on the level of Rembrandt and can paint me like one of your french girls, that's a no from me dawg. I take this pretty seriously as this is my way of practicing for modeling jobs in the future.

Yog-themed content?

Absolutely not. What I do here is separate from my work with the Yogscast. 

I've been banned on your twitch. Why?

You may have come into my chat and broken our community rules. Mainly the "please don't be lewd and rude here" rule. My twitch chat isn't the place to solicit me. I take this rule pretty seriously as well, please don't also send me weird and explicit messages and emails. 

What if I can't contribute?

That's fine! You are under no obligation to financially support me here or anywhere else. Checking me out on instagram or watching my streams still helps me and I appreciate it immensely. 

Is everything lewd?

Right let's clarify this. I have been passionate about modeling since I was 17. I have always wanted to model lingerie and swimwear, as well as the general stuff. But lingerie and swimwear as always been my passion. I was told at 17 I wasn't tall enough or thin enough and it crushed me. Two years ago I decided to give it another shot and discovered that I could definitely do this. Is everything lewd? TO a degree, I'm modeling swimwear and lingerie and yes I play into that, but I also post outfits I put together and casual shots I get a chance to make. This isn't meant to be any kind of sex work. Nothing is nude. To me this is art I finally get to make. One month I may decide to do a set fully clothed and that is no different to me than any other month in my eyes. If you aren't here for that then this might not be the best place for you.

Thank you again for checking out my page! Your support means the world to me. I appreciate it. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on here. I do my best to answer ASAP. 


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