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is creating Kawaii art, clothing, and merchandise~
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About Miss Octopie

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I'm an artist and small business owner with a BFA in Painting and am currently based in Oklahoma. I primarily work with three mediums: acrylics, watercolor, and digital illustration. I create paintings as well as designs for apparel, jewelry, buttons, toys, stationary, and more!

 My artwork is heavily inspired by Japanese street fashion styles, such as fairy kei and sweet lolita. I found my passion in the Japanese art movement of “kawaii” ( かわいい ), which is a way for people to express their opinions against negativity by finding their own personal happiness through a cute and colorful lifestyle~

Patreon is like a monthly subscription based platform that users can use to help support their favorite creators. In return you get exclusive goodies from those creators! You could also think of it as an online tip jar~ If you'd like to support me in other ways, you can always buy from my store!
With Patreon I am hoping to get more financial support to help in the creation of new artwork and products!

By donating, you are helping to fund the creation of my art and the maintenance/growth of my store!
Donations can help pay for:
basics: art supplies, printing costs, online store fees, packaging materials, advertising costs~
new products/designs: art books, zines, metal pins, calendars, sparkle art prints, acrylic charms, lanyards, notebooks, bags~
♥ item stock: have more items/clothing in stock and ready to ship in the store and at conventions
new machinery: button makers, Cameo cutting machine, laser cutters, heat press~
large scale creations: vinyl toys and figurines, plushy manufacturing~
more giveaways!!

My dream is to be able to work full time on my art business~ Even just the littlest bit helps! 

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