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About Miss Permafrost

Hello there!

My name is Jess, and I make fun and functional crochet items! I started a year ago, after years of wanting to learn crochet, and am looking for patrons to join me on my road to creating a business that would benefit other creators in my region!

My goal is to open a boutique with a workshop, where I would dye and spin yarn for my shop and on special order. But I want to go bigger than that, I want to help the community with my shop. First, I want to give classes on how to use the equipment required for dyeing and spinning, as well as crochet classes, and rent my space and equipment to people who want to start out and make their own stuff. Second, I don't want to sell only my yarn, I want to support other small business' and sell their yarn too. And third, I want to also sell handmade items made by other crafters from my region, and give them the opportunity and connections to make commissions. In short, I want my shop to be a physical place where artists like me can get exposure.

You can also check out my Etsy or RedBubble to buy some merchandise! Or head to Twitch to see some live crochet action, or Instagram to see my latest projects.
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When I reach 200$ per month, I will buy yarn dyeing equipment and dye my first batch of yarn.
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