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i'm mister X, HNIC of GeekJuiceMedia.com, co-conspirator with Mistress J and i make stuff


i don't make these projects for a living, i don't need any additional tech anytime soon and i don't want this campaign to be misinterpreted like several online funding projects are...

what i need is time and sense of purpose

additional funding for my projects allows me to both balance my "RL" requirements and have a responsibility to my patrons that will increase my creative output because if people enjoy my work enough to support it, i HAVE to respect that by treating it like a job

below you will see that the 'rewards' structure has been designed to be realistic & not extortionary. i also plan to provide quite a bit of 'patron-only' content as a thank you to those generous enough to help out (including a free bonus download when you become a patron at ANY tier)

i appreciate your time & consideration and by all means, stay tuned...
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dorgo tier
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access to 'all patron' videos, selected TwitchRiffs, moodmusic mixes, INTERMISSION TIME! eps, GJdoesGTAV vids and occasional surprises

little rita tier
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includes above plus all RandomRiff vids and additional #TwitchRiff vids

tarkan tier
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includes above plus access to more recent #LiveNudeGeeks archives, certain back catalog vids and one-offs

per month
(almost) everything...til midnight dec 31st
ramrod V.I.P.
Limited (1 of 4 remaining)
per month

all above plus RESEARCH RIFFs!
all above included content plus access to ALL #ResearchRiffs

$116 of $200 per month
when this goal is reached, i'll be able to create an episodic point & click/FMV comedy game based on the 'cut and paste' style of ho/tang/lau productions which will be available as a bi-monthly download
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