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About Mitchellbrine

I began playing Minecraft in version 1.1. I've seen it evolved and in mid-late 2012, I began modding. It all began with an accident and then I learned things in ModLoader and would make prototype mods that really weren't anything special and worked by accident.

Later, in Minecraft 1.5.2, I discovered Minecraft Forge and began updating my first mod (that was hosted on MediaFire, free of links).

Then, in December 2013, I participated in ModJam 3, a 96-hour modding competition and made what I still consider my first "real" mod, Weather Carpets. I maintained it for a long time and hosted downloads on BitBucket.

Then, I worked on the Twilight Zone mod, a mod that contained items from the popular TV show, Fate's Potion or Cadwallader's contract. It was noticed throughout the community and I really seemed to enjoy coding and making it.

Then, in May of 2014, I created the DiseaseCraft mod. This mod was viewed by thousands, downloaded by so many people and was buggy, but I loved the mod. It won 10th place in Most Inventive, voted on by the community. I kept developing it, slowly adding in features over time.

Then, I made the cAPI mod. The mod was supposed to allow people to create capes using code in a simple, organized fashion. Unfortunately, I released it right after Mojang announced the new EULA changes and that mod immediately died. xD

Anyway, then I worked on the Magician's Artifice mod with Poppypoppop (now known as LordSkittles, and I'm still confused why). That mod was a great testament to our Java powers.

Then, I created AnvilModLoader, a mod to allow for third-party mods to be loaded. It was scary territory for me to jump so willingly into, but I tried it and it somewhat worked, with a few kinks in there.

After that, I developed a mod for seamless transportation of items throughout the world in a 96-hour modding competition called JamOOJam. It won JamOOJam and I felt really proud of its seamless design.

Then, I created a mod to allow people to run JavaScript programs, originally called BinaryCraft but renamed to JavaScript Automation. It was hard territory, like the previous endeavor of mine, but it worked out. That mod really brought up my confidence in modding.

Next, I created the Steel Sheep mod with BlorphGames. It was funny and quite a fun mod to develop on.

Then, I created a mod that allowed people to play Cards Against Humanity in Minecraft, Cards vs. Crafters. The mod was really stable on its release and can be found on CurseForge.

Now, we reach DiseaseCraft 2. DiseaseCraft 2 was a revamp of all the features of the original DiseaseCraft, but making it customizable and configureable to all people. It helped people understand how to add diseases and added a lot more support for modpack and modded map makers.

All of these mods, with the exception of my first ever mod, are available on CurseForge and have no link to download. I love to make content for the community and your support helps motivate me to make mods more often and creatively. I do this for free and in my spare time, but it is what I love to do and in the future I seek a career in computer programming. I love ideas and I love to find unique ways of going about doing mods.

I hope you can support me and my modding endeavors. It really helps me out while I develop all these mods.
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