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Your contribution - no matter the dollar amount - will allow me to create and grow new Shoutout communities in every major city across Canada, and will also allow me to hire on Report Editors to help create and update Missing Report divisions across Canada and the United States.

The ultimate goal here is to have an engaged Shoutout anonymous community in every major city across North America, and a Report Editor creating and updating missing persons reports for every province and state across North America.

Eventually I would also like to get some smartphone (Android & iOS) applications created for Shoutout and Missing Report, but need the help of my Patreon members to make this happen, as app development costs are very high.

You also get 25% off all Shoutout merchandise! Thank you so much! 🥰



About Jody Mitoma

Thank you so much
for taking a look at my Patreon page. Your support means the world to me, and allows me to continue providing services to Canadians across the country. I am going through pressing times at the moment and really need a bit of help from my fellow Canadians.

A little bit about me: I'm 32 years old (an April Fools' baby), and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I moved from Sudbury, Ontario to Red Deer, Alberta in 2012 to work in the oil and gas industry, and happily did that for a number of years. I've since lived in a hotel in Sylvan Lake, Alberta for a few months, then finally made my way to Edmonton, Alberta when I was offered a job at HSE Integrated as a full-time employee back in late 2013.

The birth of Shoutout Edmonton: I've been in Edmonton, Alberta now for 6 years, but back when I first moved here, I did not know anything about the city, nor did I know anyone who lived here. Because of this, I decided to create an online community where people could submit messages to their fellow Edmontonians, while at the same time, remaining entirely anonymous to the world. Tens of thousands of users now know this community as Shoutout Edmonton. (Interesting fact: For the first week, it was actually called 'Shout Out Edmonton,' but it just looks so much cleaner putting the two words together.)

Founded in April of 2014 in an apartment bedroom just off of Jasper Avenue & 104 Street in Edmonton itself, I created the first of many versions of the Shoutout Edmonton website. Since then, the site has gone through a number of complete revamps; with the latest most noticeable changes happening in July 2019!

Growing Shoutout Edmonton into the fairly-engaged community that it has become today was no easy feat. Although I was able to grow the community to thousands of members in the first year without spending a dime, I have spent thousands of dollars on advertising the community and its existence in later years.

Shoutout Canada's first new expansion: In late 2015, I expanded the Shoutout Edmonton idea into a network by introducing the creation of Shoutout Sudbury, at the same time introducing the Shoutout Canada network name. I spent a large portion of my life in Greater Sudbury, and it is still near and dear to my heart. A large portion of my immediate family lives in the Greater Sudbury area. Because of this, I found an opportunity, and grabbed it. I was given sole-admin rights to a Facebook page with roughly 15,000 Sudbury-based followers (for a price), and have since grew it to over 27,000 followers with a ton of activity. Of course, it too, has a Twitter page and website. So I respectfully admit that I am not the one to thank for the  base community that Shoutout Sudbury initially grew on, but I couldn't be happier with how engaging the community has become.

Even more Shoutout expansion: Then, in 2016 I created the websites, Facebook pages and Twitter pages for Shoutout Toronto, Shoutout Vancouver and Shoutout Calgary, but have been having an incredibly tough time growing these communities with zero funding.

A Shoutout Community in ever major city in Alberta: In July of 2019 (just last month), I decided to create the websites, Facebook pages and Twitter pages for all the larger cities across all of Alberta. This included the creation of Shoutout Red Deer, Shoutout Fort McMurray, Shoutout Grande Prairie, Shoutout Lethbridge and Shoutout Medicine Hat.

As of now, there are 10 Shoutout Canada communities across Canada, but only 2 of them are receiving daily activity. The other 8 need a ton of local advertising efforts - that of which I am unable to afford. Growing a brand new city-based community from the ground up is an extremely difficult task to accomplish, not to mention quite expensive.

Missing Report Canada: Aside from Shoutout Canada, I also run a large network of websites under the 'Missing Report Canada' parent name. Although there are 8 Missing Report websites (and Facebook pages, and Twitter pages) across the country, I am only able to run 6 of them on my own.

I started Missing Report back in 2016. With these websites, I create reports and eye-catching missing persons posters, and try and spread the word across local social media channels as quickly as possible.

Missing Report Divisions: The websites are as follows: British Columbia Missing Report, Alberta Missing Report, Saskatchewan Missing Report, Manitoba Missing Report, Ontario Missing Report, Quebec Missing Report, Atlantic Canada Missing Report (NB, NS, PEI & NFL) and Northern Canada Missing Report (The Territories).

I personally update BC, AB, SK, MB, Atlantic & Northern Canada on my own every day, but require help from someone else to run Ontario and Quebec. As it were, this would require paying someone for their time, something I am not able to do, and so they stay stagnant until this becomes possible.

Running these Missing Report websites requires an abundance of research throughout the day, every single day. People are reported missing at all hours of the day, and reports of people who have been located also need to be updated on top of that, but I definitely do not mind the work, and would like to be able to continue doing this and expanding even further.

In conclusion: So much work is constantly happening on the back end to keep these sites running smoothly everyday, and the biggest expense to running these two website networks is the time I've invested, and continue to invest in them. If you're not a website developer, it's a bit difficult to grasp how quickly website languages and technologies are changing.

I do not have a job that I tend to everyday. These networks are my job. If I were to get a job, these websites would suffer tremendously because of it, and I honestly do not want that to happen. Both Shoutout Canada and Missing Report consist of really time-sensitive materials, and because of that updates have to be made diligently. I do run advertisements on the websites which, although does help, isn't quite enough to pay the bills.

There are costs associated with plugins and layouts that are being used on these sites, monthly costs for hosting these sites, and yearly costs for the domain names that are being used. These are the reasons why I am asking for your help. I hate asking, but I really need a boost from my fellow Canadians right now.

If you are happy with either of my prior-mentioned projects, and would like to help me continue improving and expanding them, then even a $1 donation would make a world of a difference from a large number of people. My ultimate goal is to have Missing Report running across every province in Canada, as well as every State in the US. And with Shoutout Canada, I will work my ass off to make sure that there is a Shoutout community in every major city across the country, and continue to make the communities better and better in whichever ways I possibly can.

Thank you so much for reading this letter, and thank you so much for your consideration. It honestly means the world to me that you've made it this far. As a small token of my appreciation your name will be displayed for everyone to see on whichever of the websites that you so choose, as well as at the beginning of every YouTube video that I release moving forward.

You're freakin' amazing • With so much love,
— Jody Mitoma 
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When we reach 250 patrons, the goal is to get work started on a Shoutout smartphone app for Android & iOS. You will be able to swap through and browse all of the Shoutout Canada communities with ease, with the option to auto-connect to your local community. If you are travelling, it'll auto-detect the closest Shoutout community. There will be the ability to upload and share video with the community. It'll be faster and a better experience overall, and will help us grow our communities even faster.
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