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The "Mityulik" tear is great, because you get to say to all of your friends, that your name now is oficcially "Mityuli", thus it's really similar to my name. You also get free oxygen, when you go to your local market!

Ultra Mityulik
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The "Ultra Mityulik" tear is even better, than the simple "Mityulik" tear! You get all the perks, as at the "Mityulik" tear, but your name will be legally changed to "Ultra Mityuli"! This way you can brag even more to your friends! In addition you will also get legal premission to feed the birds in your towns centre.

Hyper Mityulik
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Buying the "Hyper Mityulik" tear will have your name changed to "Hyper Mityuli", which as said earlier is even better than the "Ultra Mityuli" tear. you will also be able to walk on water (but only when it's frozen)



About Balazs Mihaly

Hello! My name is Balázs Mihály, and I am a handball player! I created this patreon account to help me found in my friends car! He needs 3000 euros, and currently he has nothing...
If you could help him, that would be great!
thanks in advance, and best regards!
-Balazs Mihaly, "professional" handballist
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