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Spain (Zaragoza) born and raised, I always have been really interested in arts, and creating as a way of expression always has been a necessity throughout my whole life. After studying to become a sculptor, I ended up working as a decorator. Frustrated that my long workdays didn’t allow me to develop my creative soul, I quit my job. After some years trying to find myself I realized that photography is my true vocation.
Passionate about travelling and learning, through photography I can express myself. It is a way of self-knowledge, a way of understanding the world, it is a critique of our society, a cure to calm a wounded heart, a way to communicate with the whole world without words, regardless of background, language, culture… Photography is my ”lingua franca.”

Why black and white ?
Black and white photography captures the essence of the scene without distraction, without words, without the need for superfluous ornamentation. The mere contrast between light and shadow is capable of expressing abstract concepts.
Black and white represents the undeniable duality present in life as in the yin and yang, reality versus virtuality, dreams versus rationality.
Each shot I create is the result of critical reflection in search of lost essence and self-knowledge.

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  • Website:
  • Instagram:   @maria_bnw
  • Facebook:   @mjpachus
  • Twitter:        @mjpachus

How all got started
I started to take pictures with an iphone 5, and soon I realized that through creative photography I managed to express myself, and I felt the need to share my artwork. I registered with Instagram, and received such a positive reaction to my artwork that I was encouraged to keep going.
After a few weeks, Instagram en Español called me up for an interview, and featured on their main page. I couldn't believe it!
From this point, I have edited more than one thousand photographs, I have displayed various exhibitions in my home city of Zaragoza, and have sold many photos for display at home.

Current project: “Photo Street-art”
After putting on an exhibit at a public Library, I realized that displaying my photography in enclosed spaces, meant putting limits on the viewers, I was limiting the kind of public that would be able to see my artwork. Thus my idea of displaying art directly on the streets; art should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, background, or race. My photography is created to communicate; it is created from and for the heart.
So far, I have created street art in some cities of Spain such as Madrid and Zaragoza, and currently have in mind to expand my reach to London, Paris and Berlin.

Why am I asking for Patrons?
It will allow me the opportunity to put more resources into the amazing street-art projects I have been working on.
It will develop a strong community of people who really believe in me, who appreciate the pictures I take and the projects I work on.
Even for a dollar, your support means a lot. It means my artwork has been worth it and it encourages me to keep creating and developing new projects.
• I hope to use the money you can donate to keep decorating historical neighborhoods with my photography, providing beauty, personality and bringing life to the streets, in as many cities as possible as many times as possible.

• With your support I hope to be able not only to keep working on my current project “Photo street-art” but also expand into new territory and it will allow me to invest more time to work on new interesting projects.

What Will I offer dear Patrons?
(I am open to suggestion on this respect.)

  • To show you extra-unpublished photography and videos.
  • To show you behind the scenes pictures and videos.
  • To mail you printed and specially dedicated and signed photo.

$0 of $250 per month
With your help, (even 1 dollar is great),  I will be able to print more photos, try new materials such as vinyl,  keep on my project of "Photo street-art" and travel as much as possible to decorate the streets with my artwork. Next step: Japan! Sounds awesome right?
Thanks a bunch in advanced for your support!! 
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