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  • General art sketches throughout the month which will be made public on the first of the following month
  • Cosplay project sketches 3 days before made public
  • Patreon exclusive sketches for Etsy & webstore items 

Finished Work

  • Finished cosplays a day before made public
  • Finished artwork 3 days before made public
  • Finished prompted writing pieces 3 days before made public
  • Finished character sheets made public after the introduction of the character.
Level 2 - AMAZING!!
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  • Day-to-day progress on cosplay projects
  • Digital art WIPs, including character sheets & webcomic pages


  • Monthly patron-only coupons for listings starting with Maxwell on the Nightrose Studios Etsy and for the MJ Valentine collection on the webstore
  • First shot at OOAK rings and hats I make before I put them up on Etsy

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Level 3 - AWESOME!!!
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  • Drafts of prompted writing pieces
  • First draft of unprompted scenes that may or may not change by the time they show up in a finished work

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About M.J. Valentine

Hi, I'm Max or James or Oliver or Joseph or Star... But you can just call me Max since I use that the most. I'm a trans guy who makes cosplays for myself and others and I make and sell art, accessories/jewelry, and plush toys on my Etsy and my webstore(currently under construction). I hope to one day be able to publish graphic novels and create video games with my younger brother. 

By joining my Patreon community you'll get to hear about the things I do and get a behind the scenes look with progress pictures of the things I make, be it digital art, inventory for my online stores, cosplays, video games, etc. You'll also get to see picture posts a few days before I post them to other social media.

The money from your pledges will go towards funding new creations, getting new equipment, paying for my rent and day-to-day living expenses, paying for services associated with my business, and eventually, funding my transition.
$9 of $300 per month
With $300 I'll be able to buy my own professional quality printer and be able to print my art prints for my store in-house instead of sending them to be printed elsewhere.
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