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My name is Caleb Kandra and welcome to My Mental Breakdown.

No, I am not literally having a mental breakdown; or at least that is what I keep telling myself. Often times, the best way to understand and process life is through written word. By putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) we are able to express our voice in new ways that help to find clarity in an insane and uncertain world. My Mental Breakdown is a product of my thoughts. To all you unfortunate souls who stumble across this page, welcome. Welcome to an online, public look into my mind; because what better way to process life than in front of an audience? Perhaps there are more efficient ways to accomplish that goal, but I love sharing my opinion and I love writing, so here we are.

I am a product of my surroundings. I grew up in a small town in Ohio and received my education through the private Christian school system. One thing you will soon learn about my life is that faith is an integral piece of the puzzle. I find faith and religion to be fascinating and intriguing topics, and I like to draw from and comment on aspects of my own faith in my writings. For many years, my passion for all things political has grown and evolved. Though my opinions have changed over time, I have remained constant in my dedication to following current events and ensuring that I am a critical consumer of news and media. I love sports so much that I decided to make a career out of it. I am a sports reporter and often find myself talking about sports and the culture surrounding them.

I do a weekly Podcast with my good friend and colleague, Matt Bradley. It is on both Soundcloud and iTunes and comes out every Sunday and Thursday!

By helping us on Patreon, you are not only helping My Mental Breakdown grow as a website and show; you are enabling us to reach out and make our content the best it can be across all platforms. As we grow, we will branch out to Youtube and other media sites.

Strap in folks; welcome to My Mental Breakdown.
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