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About High Voltage (The Thanks Fur Nothing Podcast Group)

Hoi folks ^^  thank you so very, very much for making your way here, to the Thanks Fur Nothing Podcast's Patreon page... the fact that you showed up here at all means the world to us.  we have SO many big plans for this podcast down the road, and we would LOVE for you to all be a part of it so thank you <3.

Our intent for starting this podcast was simple really, to have fun being ourselves, and entertain others in the process, the fact that you showed up here proves that we are doing just that given that you likely know what this site is about/for, and that you came here knowingly.  we would like to be able to do so much more than what we do currently, and we hope to do just that some day with your help <3  we love making these podcasts, and we would love so very much more to be able to do even more going forward and down the road, like attend more anime conventions as a podcast group and event, and be able to further improve the quality of our recordings by getting better hardware for our podcast members, as well as have better storage means for the data that the podcast takes up (as well as for backup and archival purposes). we want to be CLEAR, we DO NOT expect you to help fund us, we do this out of our own pockets because we enjoy doing this, however if you would be willing to help us raise funds for purchases that would otherwise come out of our own pockets, we would be ever so grateful as well at the end of the day.  we welcome you joining us in spirate and in the enjoyment factor we get out of these things, and it would mean the world to us, and you can get some goodies in the process if your so inclined to do so ^^... regardless however, your support means all the difference to us and lets us know that folks enjoy what we do on these podcasts, so that alone, means everything to us and thank you so very very much <3

anywho...I hope you enjoy our podcast, and as always...Thanks....Fur Nothing....


~High Voltage~  ~Furryluv19~  ~LupusDaemon~  ~Mathadar~


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