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You're such an angel! Thanks for joining me as we swim along the journey of trashy game plays! 

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About Mia Loto

Hey! My name is Mia and I love food! Many people will tell me that I'm klutzy and kinda crazy but they always know that if there's an issue, they can come to me for comfort. My favorite thing to do in life is bringing joy to the people around me but sometimes I'm an asshole and no one is perfect. I used to perform in high school and if I could do it again I totally would but because I have so many health issues I kind of just resorted to the neet life. That's why I'm streaming pc and eventually (once my brother buys himself a ps4,) video games! If you like my content and hope for me to continue in the long run, help support me in my misadventures. I one day hope to continue being a performer and I guess get trolled by my viewers?
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I love drawing and I really want to get into it more but in order to do things like live stream it, I need to buy a Wacom tablet. Once I have this, there will be future giveaways of the creation I've made!
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