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About M. Sanchez

My name is Michele Sanchez, I usually & prefer to go by my last name. I have been creating all types of art for as long as I can remember. I am primarly self-taught. I prefer the use of watercolors, gouache, & inks as of late. On occasion i will create with oils, & acrylic paint, i just have a preference to the look that watercolors give - that dreamy, ethereal look that my pieces usually have. Most of my art is based on my dreams, symbolism, divination, astrology. My subjects are usually hands or sorts of self-portraits. 

I have also been sewing since i was a very young girl. my first sewing machine being a fully functional toy one when i was about 5 or 6. I used to repurpose and make a lot of my clothing, now i find i don't have as much time as id like for that. After i had my daughter, i started to make rag dolls & other plush toys. She is my biggest fan & has a giant collection.

While my art is mostly for myself, i feel like its past due to share it. I'm a pretty private person (borderline paranoid) however, i am committing to including photos/videos of myself & sharing more about my art & what they mean. Besides being paranoid on the internets, I'm generally a pretty dry humor gal, a good story teller (gestures, voice imitations, props..), single-mom to one super spunky mini-version of myself, long time practitioner of divination, and other things. capricorn sun, aries moon & scorpio rising if that matters to you.. seems to be the trend right now. im a lazy capricorn also.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and express interest in what i have to offer. XO