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Cup of Java
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Access to my patron-only Patreon blog for updates and news including any cons that I might be attending and in progress shots of whatever I'm currently working on. You will get to see comics and art content first before it gets pushed out to the rest of the world.
Steaming Hot Latte
per month
For $3.00 you get the above and get to make one drawing request a month and a shout out on social media when I post it. I request that the requests not be super specific, pornographic, or of a bigoted/hateful nature, but other than that I'll draw anything once. 
After Dinner Cappuccino
per month
For $5.00 you get the above and one inked trading card drawing a month with a character of your choice. You may also get the occasional bonus goodie as I add new prints and items to my online store. 




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About Carrie Schurman

I am an artist and creator following my dream of telling stories through comics and art. I'm also a single mom with two kids, two cats, and a full time job so following that dream has been a big challenge. My goal with this Patreon is to get a little extra cash to pay for the supplies I need to continue producing and creating. 

Patrons can expect to see behind the scenes, works in progress, personal thoughts and musings, and art/comics content before it goes out to the rest of the world. There will also be extra benefits as I think of them (like patreon drawing requests). 

Some places that you can find me and my work:
My website and online store:
Facebook: TheCarrieArt
Practice Sketches and Doodles Collection:
Twitter:  @mnconundrum
Instagram: CarrieSchurman

$0 of $150 per month
I need art supplies and stuff to sell at conventions or my online store like prints, buttons, stickers, books, and other conventiony artish things. If I reach this level, I will start having regular livestream events where patrons will have advance notice and the chance to ask me questions about my process. 
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