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About Kay

Hello! My name is Kay (Usernames Jazzy and mnstrcndy) and I love art!
I would really like to open myself up to being able to make more content for my watchers. I paint fanart, currently my favorite being art for the game Undertale.
I also like Pokemon, Monster Hunter and taking suggestions on what new things to draw and see.
My original work is from fantasy and sci-fi settings.

I have a real passion for painting backgrounds and large scale images but I would like to start dabbling in comics as well. Doing this stuff takes a lot of time and effort so pledging on Patreon really helps me out. In return, I can give you special images, in depth tutorials and high resolution downloads. My dream is to do art I love for a living, and that's where you guys can help me find a balance so I can produce more.

Supporters will have access to Patreon only work, full resolution work, sketches and works in progress of finished and unfinished work, time lapses, private livestreams, tutorials and more.
Featuring: fanart, humans, anthropomorphic characters, feral creatures, and backgrounds, a varied art experience!

Hope you like the art and thank you very much.

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More time to do art so more weekly and monthly images.
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