Mohamed Salah

is creating Front end development and video editing

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I'm student. African from Egypt.Spend most of my time learning user interface design ,Video Editing and motion Grafphics are also my passion, you may check my Youtube channel and watch a creative video i had made.

I made many applications but need to become a pro so i need to upgrade my tools like laptop.

I also love motion grafics and video editing but this track need an up-to-date tools. Also a good laptop.

My journey is so hard, but a lovely one because really most of my time i'm between videoa, articles and coding even when i go to the bathroom. I dive into many and many designs, illustrations and design process in my 28 hours daily.

I code , love to be React developer , that one who can be develop a single page application like most of the biggest websites in our daily life.
But hell, my laptop is kind of a bad one who can't help me.

#LGBT Supporter. #UI_Design #UX_Design. #Coder.
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with your support ,I'll Buy a new laptop which requirement is appropriate to what i'm doing. When i get this, then i'll start to enforce my skills in coding and designing and produce a quality designs.
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