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About Ken

Well fancy seeing you here! Thanks for stopping by! As you may or may not already know I'm Ken. I'm the author of MOB Mentality. Far and wide I may roam but the interwebs are always my home. Check out the link to see where I live.  It's a super progressive blog that promotes out of the box thinking to make it in our evolving world. LOL...I literally wrote the book on it. I call it the Process of Progress. Yeah, I tend to run on the political side quite often but you won't see any dry Fox news or CNNish posts around here. I'm more about fixing our world than just stating what's shitty about it. Oh yeah. I curse a lot there's that.

 I love doing what I do. Nothing gives me more feelings of the warm and fuzzy variety than when I get a message telling me that my writing has made someone think or has given them an idea about how to improve their life or lives around them. Seriously. I drop a single tear every time. That's what I started doing this for.

Alas, I had to be a grown up and get a "real job". Those bills are hell on one's creative process ain't they. Do I still write? Of course and will with or without patronage but do I write nearly as much as I want? Hell no. I have a genuine belief that the more content I put out the better the odds are I'll reach the people I can help. Hopefully, if you've found this page you think the same thing.

If the politics ain't your thing don't worry. Pop over to Wattpad and find all kinds of interesting reads. I've got the futuristic epic S.T.R Gazer playing out currently.  Chapters 1-17 are on Wattpad as well as publically available here.  Everything past that is available to patrons only.  To see all of the chapters together check out the featured tags.

Don't forget about the Goalsetting book. The system changed my life and it just may do the same for you

I supplement my "regular job income with writing articles for various websites and publications too.  Jeez.  There's a lot going on. I upload a new chapter or poem or blog piece each week so check back often.  So my like-minded friends. You like what I create.  I love creating it for you. Shall we take this opportunity to create it together?
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Help me upgrade my equipment.  My little laptop has been going strong for almost 4 years now and Booker(yeah I named my will always have a special place in my heart.  But there comes a time in every computer's life that........well you know the rest
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