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Even considering donating to us means a great deal to us; the support you guys give us is more than enough to keep us going. Giving us one buck a month helps us to access documents online that provide us with credible, reliable sources on history.

Anyone who donates gets an honourary mention in the credits of the mod, viewable at the startup event.

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Twice the donations; it seems that you're quite the 'all-in' type person. Your support gives us responsibility and encouragement to work on this mod regularly; it also helps us save up for buying history books, so we can get quality research and make quality content.

Anyone who donates more than $2 will get the Auxiliares Role on our Discord; a ticket to view all the development process, chat with a wholesome community and pitch in however you want.

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We're shocked at your generosity of even giving an eye to this luxurious option! Such glory mustn't go unpayed, as we can now use this support to expand this project into even more professional fields, such as commissioned artwork for various bits and pieces of the mod.

As many great men in history have been immortalised by having their name etched into ships, we wish to give you the same immortalisation as well. Your name (or a name of your choice) will be put into a ship of a country, at an era of your choice. (Please remember we won't just accept anything; please make them reasonable!) 

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The EoaNB team presents to you the ultimate HOI4 overhaul experience. From the American Civil War of the Victorian Era to post-modern day, EoaNB aims to bring you the plethora of geopolitical strategy during the entirety of modern history. We plan to not only add FTs and techs, but create an entirely new experience covering the rise and fall of empires, revolutions, and the saga of a nation striding through a new era of modern history.

We've already come a far way, with over 85 thousand subscribers on Steam and almost 2 years of history. We've still got a long way to go however; we're only getting started with the Victorian Age, to be fair. But we still have an aspiring dev team that makes daily updates, a strong community that supports us, and you, the reader, who is one of the lovely people who keeps our mod running.
EoaNB will stay free and forever free, no content barred behind paywalls or anything. Of course, we don't earn a dime from this dayjob of ours; all the money you invest will be spent on the mod's quality and the mod only.
Our vow to provide quality content remains strong, regardless of whether you decide to donate or not. Just remember, you can contribute to the most ambitious project on the workshop through Patreon, and get some cool perks along with it. Thanks for joining us on this hitchhiking experience of a mod.

Are you from the Hobbyist Historian Podcast? A bit confused on why you've been redirected here? It's because the hosts of the show, powerblo and Londinium are developers of this project, and all support going to this mod essentially supports the podcast as well. Even if you're not interested in supporting EoaNB, any support towards the podcast is appreciated as we don't make any real profits through it. Let us know you're from the podcast if you ever decide to make a pledge, and we'll find a way to reply to your generosity through podcast-related ways.

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