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is creating YouTube video and podcasts about Tesla products
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About Trevor Page

We've always been fascinated with Tesla, their cars and their technology.  We also knew their third car, the mass market Model 3, had the potential to be a massive hit. When things really started heating up in late 2015 we decided to create a new online forum ( in order for new people to the Tesla fold to talk about the car and their future live with an EV.

When we launched the site in March 2016 our forum membership skyrocketed after Tesla publicly announced the Model 3 and I took it upon myself to start a YouTube channel on Tesla's technology to help educate newcomers to Tesla and EVs in general.

Now that Model 3 is finally here and customers are taking deliveries we want to grow our channel to encompass more Tesla news however due to the popularity of the videos it's now taking up more of my time and money to produce them so we need some help to make our videos and shows even better!

We started a podcast called the Tesla Owners Online podcast and it's taking up even more time than usual so every little bit helps.

I sincerely hope you become a patron and help keep our videos interesting and informative. Your contribution will go a long way to make it happen. Rest assured though even if you don't contribute we'll still put out interesting and compelling videos for your enjoyment and EV education.

Trevor Page

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