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Thank you for supporting the dream, here is a picture of me and my dog as a thank you.

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If you get naked they will come! In this tier you get to see me all natural. This is a little tease though, you will get new images of me being my dorky, nerdy self. Don't fret though you may see a bit of my more naked side.




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About modelkasha

This is just a glimpse of the real me, get to know me because like an onion I have layers. (Shrek reference for the win)

I am a...

(Boudoir, Implied, Nude, Runway, Athletic, Casual, Formal) This is my main passion, you will get to know the real me as far as my desire for creating stunning beauty through visions and my own body.

Halo, I need a weapon! Let me at the flood, with my battle rifle and plasma grenades I can hang with some of the best. I love all things gaming, we could nerd out for hours about this. Halo, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Mario, Call of Duty (You get the idea) 

Gear Head:
Wait but girls don't like cars!!! Well that myth is busted loves, I am a major gear head. Have always found a passion with the fast, furious and loud. Nothing gets me more excited than a good burn out or a screaming engine. If cars are your thing lets have a chat.
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Let's start this small I want to provide more images..this will help
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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