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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our Patreon Page.

Our company is Model Moments LLC. and we have some great rewards for our Patrons at every tier level. We want our Patrons to love, trust, and value us so you can rest assured that we shall not falter in doing everything in our power to give you a high value reward every month!

EXCLUSIVE!!!                        EXCLUSIVE!!!                         EXCLUSIVE!!!

Here you will find exclusive rewards that are only meant for our Patrons. Things like discount codes, free shipping codes, batches of behind the scene photos and many future rewards will "only" be released on Patreon. Don't miss out! Sign up for your favorite tier today and become a Model Moments fan.


Our digital rewards will be unedited behind the scenes photos so you can get a front row seat of our photo shoots! Depending on photo shoot, you could receive 100's of photos each month. For instance, during our last photo shoot we accumulated over 500 photos! From that batch we chose 20 photos that will be used for print products, 10 to be processed for photo sets for one of our tiers, and several for utilizing on our social media pages. That leaves 460+ photos for you, our valued Patron! 


We love our Charitable Works tiers. I believe these tiers will be the most popular. Why? America! Say it out loud, SCREAM it, AMERICA!!!  $10 from each Patron each month will go to the charitable cause listed in that tier. This is also the beginning of our physical product tiers where you will receive an 8x10 print autographed and number by the model. Only 1000 of each print will enter circulation. We have some special ideas for these tiers as well as some other valuable gifts you will receive in your mailbox for continued Patronage!


The discount and free shipping codes we offer on select tiers are awesome!! Let me tell you why. These are no standard savings rewards. The codes offered for each tier are good for UNLIMITED purchases through a 30 day period. That's right, it's not just a one and done code. 

Codes will be released monthly and active for a 30 day period. Upon expiration of the previously released code, a new discount code will be released and again active for 30 days. 

Now, these discount codes are meant specifically for you, our Patrons, for supporting us. The codes will not be user specific, therefore, anyone on the planet can use them. If you decide to share it with friends, family, or even your social media following, they too can use the code. No hard feelings from us. The codes are yours to do with what you please.

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Once we reach 5000 Patrons we will video a celebratory photo shoot for ALL our Patrons. The photo shoot will contain our top performing model, calculated by sales through our online store.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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